My name is Timotheos. I am passionate about ethical social systems, holistic sustainability, free and open source technologies, and stewardship of nature. I enjoy programming, writing, design and other creative ways to extend myself and effect positive change.

I currently work as a video games developer with a for-profit company, which I'm hoping to transition away from soon. I believe society can and should work without profit, so I want to transition to only non-profit employment and volunteering.

My main project is Firestone Sanctuary, an intentional changemaker community based near Brisbane, Australia. Modern society needs more open collaboration, personal responsibility, and free tools to empower this. The Sanctuary is a launchpad for these ideas and many sub-projects. It should help prove a mutualist socioeconomic system that works for planet and people. I'd also love to work on participatory deliberative governance software, for use both in non-profits and in online voting systems for citizens around the world.

My interests and projects include:

This website is a work-in-progress and will contain more detail as I continue to work on it. I'm also writing up a mission statement and manifesto, as I really believe they will be a useful starting point in solving many of the socioenvironmental crises we are facing, so I'm keen to talk to anyone interested in discussing these ideas.

If you'd like to collaborate on any project, or just get to know me further, contact me at